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Common Pests in 2020

Every month of 2020 I have been dealing with moles, they are active at all times of year and always keep me busy!

Here is my summary of pests for the last year.

January to February 2020

The New Year kicks off with calls about mice coming into people’s homes as they seek shelter and warmth.

March to April 2020

As everyone goes into lockdown some houses and properties are used less often, this is when the rats start to move in. Pest controllers are regarded as key workers so I remain busy dealing with the new unwanted tenants!

May to June

The insects are getting about in the finer weather, I start dealing with wasps, tree bees and fleas. Bees often swarm in late spring, if the bees are proving a danger I can collect and rehome them.

July to August

Wow, it was a warm summer, dealing with lots of wasp and hornet nests. Despite the better weather and since the introduction of roof solar panels, I am getting increasingly involved in helping home owners make their solar panels pigeon proof.

September to October

Rodents are back on the move looking for somewhere warmer to live for the winter, also dealing with large clusters of flies causing a nuisance.

November to December

Very much rodent time of year as they seek shelter in buildings.