Norfolk Pest Controller

Ivan Allen is a professionally qualified pest controller based in Sheringham, covering an area across North Norfolk including Kings Lynn in West Norfolk.

As a local independent provider of Pest Control Services, you can be assured of a discreet, responsive, and professional service from a time served experienced pest controller.

  • Providing pest control services since 1999
  • Domestic and commercial customers
  • Hassle-free, sensibly priced service
  • Fully insured and working 7 days a week

The use of pesticides is monitored by BASIS, an independent standard-setting and audit organisation. Registered with Lantra a recognised training body for Pest Controllers and land-based industries.

Pest Control Services

Control of Wasps

Wasp Control

Wasps have a painful sting, which in some people can cause an anaphylactic shock that could kill them, if not treated quickly.

Do not upset wasps or their nests as they emit distress pheromones that send other members of their colony to the rescue in a stinging frenzy.

I professionally and safely destroy wasp nests that are causing a safety or health risk.

Bee Control

Bee Control

The control of Bees is usually a last resort as they do so much good for the environment.

A small minority of people are hyper allegetic to the venom in a bee sting and where life can be demonstrated to be in danger or important works cannot be completed, action can be taken.

Where possible relocation of the coloney should be considered, advice and assistance can be provided.

Insect Control

Insect Control

With over a million different insect species across the world, some can bite, sting and spread disease or just be a nuisance.

We commonly deal with beetles, lice, moths, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetles, ants, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, and parasites.

As a qualified pest control professional with detailed knowledge of entomology, insect pests are swiftly and effectively dealt with.

Rodent & Rat Control

Rodent and Rat Control

Rats carry many nasty diseases, whIch can spread to humans via contact with their urine or their bodies coming in to contact with food preparation areas.

Rats can also cause extensive damage to property as they gnaw to keep their teeth in shape. Electrical cables are a favourite and this presents a significant fire risk. Floading can also be caused as they can gnaw through metal pipes.

Under the prevention of Damage by Pest act 1949 property owners have a legal obligation to keep premises rodent free.

Ant Control

Ant Control

Ants feed on a wide variety of food including the food we like. Ants love sun-warmed paving, which often brings them close to buildings. Before you know it there are streams of ants invading where ever they can find food.

I control ants with a combination of insecticides and gel baits, to get control over ant colonies which can only be used by qualified pest controllers.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are not known to carry disease, they do however suck blood. The skin may become irritated or inflamed due to the fluid they inject when biting.

An adult bed bug is 4-5mm in length and easily visible to the human eye. They are six-legged and also have two prominent antennae projecting from the head close to the eyes. Bed bugs can be hard to eradicate, however, I have a number of approaches to deal with them.

Flea Control

Flea Control

Fleas infestations are commonly associated with places where pets and animals present. Fleas can stay in the pupal stage for a year, then sense vibrations and emerge in to adult stage within 3 seconds to take a blood meal.

The cat flea is the most common species. Fleas can jump onto you from long distances.

Treatment for fleas is done most effectively using powerful long acting insecticides. As some stages of flea development are quite resistant to insecticides a follow-up treatment may be required.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches need dealing with straightaway, they foul their environment with faeces and reurgitated food, contaminating food and preparation areas, resulting in the spread of pathogens such as salmonella and other serious diseases.

They appear most commonly at night, the most common species of adult cockroaches are about 20-30mm long and dark brown.

Treatment is not normally straight forward and requires an experienced professional pest controller to iradicate them.

Vermin Control

Vermin Control

Vermin include rats, mice, moles and grey squirrels. Grey squirrels are know to get in places they shouldn't be. One of these places is lofts where they can widespread damage including causing very dangerous damage to electrical cables.

Rodents carry a micro-organism that cause Weil's Disease that can be potentially fatal to humans. It is passed to humans when they come in to direct contact or via contact with wet surfaces contaminiated with vermin urine .

There are a range of solutions to control vermin dependant on the nature of the situation.

Bird and Pigeon Control

Bird and Pigeon Control

An overpopulation of birds can cause human health issues, also birds roosting or nesting in the wrong places can be a real annoyance.

Part of the role of the pest controller is a bird proofing service.

An increasingly common problem I find myself helping with is birds roosting underneath roof solar panels.

I provide a range of solutions to control bird behaviour depending on the circumstances.

Moth Control

Moth Control

Most moths are harmless. A few at larvae stage do cause damage to materials, textiles and stored products.

Moths do not pose a health risk but they can be an expensive pest cuasing sever damage to natural fibres typically found in carpets, clothes, fabrics and even leather.

The damage is caused by moth caterpillers eating a natural occuring protein called keratin, found in wool, silk and cotton.

I can advise on steps that can be taken to reduce the issue and in the case of severe infestations we can professionally treat the problem.

Cockroach Control

Woodworm Control

A woodworm infestation if left untreated can result in significant damage and ultimately structural failure.

Woodworm is not a specific species, but a generic term for the laval stage of of a number of wood boring beetles.

The larvae live in wood for years boring away before emerging as beetles.

Typical signs are round holes in wood approximately 2mm across, or piles of wood dust. Fresh holes often have a whiter inside.

I can handle smaller infestations and can advise on alternative approachs for larger infestations.


Common Pests in 2020

Every month of 2020 I have been dealing with moles, they are active at all times of year and always keep me busy! Here is